Everything is wrong. Seriously.

The construction of my new studio is now in serious jeopardy thanks to Ridley Township and their endless red tape bullshit. When I first attempted to drop off my permit applications, they told me they would be declined unless I included some detailed illustrations of the construction plans. I went back and created one, and got the contractor to send me a couple as well. I submitted everything and was told it was on its way. Late yesterday I got a call from someone at the municipal building, who clearly had no fucking clue what she was talking about. She basically told me that in order to be allowed to frame in my garage door, I need to build a new driveway that wraps around my house, into my back yard. How fucking retarded is that!? I’m expecting a call this morning about it, so we’ll see what happens.

In other news, I’m probably being sued. Since 2001 I’ve incurred some pretty massive debt. Most of it is due to the student loans that I needed to get myself through college with no help from my lovely “family”. One of the several loans is currently at about $24,500, and it grows by $170 per month. It’s to the point now where they’re going to pursue my income, bank accounts, and assets. I’m fucked. I love working at the school, but I’m not making enough money to even begin putting a dent in all this debt. I have rent, bills, and a baby son. I can’t afford to have my wages garnished.

After this Sundays trainwreck-waiting-to-happen we only have one show booked, in January. By that point I’d like to officially be in full writing/recording mode, and we surely
[CONTENT EDITED FOR SELF-PRESERVATION] Of the last 10 times that one of us has canceled on a practice, surely 9 of them have been Dave. He’s called out for every fucked up reason imaginable, including one time when his ex-girlfriend drank too much. He admits to not practicing his drums at home, even over this most recent stretch of a month where the band didn’t get together at all. It’s easy to see that he doesn’t take it seriously, and his
[CONTENT EDITED FOR SELF-PRESERVATION] In the future, the first question I will ask any potential band-mates is “Are you and Eagles fan?”. If they say yes, the interview is over.


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    He is an ugly fella.

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