the garage dilemma


I want to build a studio in my garage. And by that I mean, I want someone else to build me a studio in my garage. I understand that this costs money, but I guess I had underestimated just how much it would cost. The current estimates are as follows:
$8,000.00 – Some asshole from York, PA
$6,350.00 – Some local dude
$5,000.00 – Some pro dude from Cherry Hill
$4,600.00 – Some older dude

I immediately liked the guy from Cherry Hill the best. He seemed pretty nice, and was by far the most professional. His original estimate was $6,800.00, but he’s offered to make it $5,000.00 if I supply my own AC unit and do my own painting. I’m pretty sure I already have a new air conditioner that could be used, and I could probably swing the painting. In fact, I may not need to paint much at all since I’m considering covering the walls and ceiling with some carpeting to deaden the sound in the room. To me, the Cherry Hill guy is a no-brainer.

The problem is, of course, money. Can I afford to pay him $5,000.00? Yeah, technically I can. Of course, leaving myself with 5,000 fewer dollars is a huge deal in my world. I’m also feeling some pressure from just about everyone in my life to get a car. While I would like to have a new vehicle, I’m just not excited about taking on another monthly bill and paying out way more for gas, since owning a car would surely invite all kinds of driving errands for god knows what. It’s a hard decision, but I think I’d much rather have a dark room to hide myself away in. Away from the barking dog, ringing phone, bitching women, too-loud televisions, and all of the countless other annoyances that come from trying to create my music in the basement. Having a dedicated space to focus on my craft would be a wonderful thing. And really, having it done now would work out pretty well because my band would be able to rehearse there (since our previous spot was in Toms garage, and he’s no longer in the band). Another added benefit is that it would be a tangible improvement made to the house and would therefore add to the value of this dump when I need to sell it.

Of course another option for me is to simply forget about the room, and a car. Just keep the money and give myself some padding to keep from sweating my normal monthly shit. Lame.

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  1. kate says:

    convert the garage.
    for your sanity.
    shit, i’ll even come paint it for you.

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