Monthly Archives: October 2007

Drama, Tears, Victory.

Last night had it all. This may be a long story, so try to follow along. Several weeks ago, my band decided to take part in the Philly Rising open-mic contest at World Cafe Live. We have all these shows booked, but this current group has never played together in public, so we just wantedContinue Reading


The last time I played a show was September 22, 2006. It’s been way too long, and the time has finally come for Dark Disco Club to return to the stage. As a band, we are basically starting over from the beginning. More than ever, we need to look to the people we know toContinue Reading

3/4 original, 1/4 inevitable

Yesterday was a nightmare. Last night however, was pretty fuckin’ cool. Yesterday afternoon Srp came through with a pair of Van Halen tickets for me. Very cool! (Whoever said blogs aren’t an effective social tool?) Anyway, big up to Srp for that one. Since it was my Moms birthday I thought for sure she wouldContinue Reading


My Mom turns 50 today. It’s an age that neither one of us ever thought she would reach. My relationship with her has been (and continues to be) very up and down. I get extremely frustrated by the amount of slack she is cut on a daily basis, and the lack of motivation she showsContinue Reading