my son is gone, and my face is jacked


Bird ran away yesterday. He ran out on to the front porch, and through the slightly opened door. He then preceded to haul ass down the street and into the woods. No one was able to catch him, and we haven’t seen him since. Obviously, this is among the worst things that could ever happen. I’ve had this dog for his entire life (9 years), and having him just disappear one day isn’t something I ever considered. Now I’m left with images of him lost, freezing, soaking wet, starving. Or worse. I hope he finds his way home.

The only thing that distracted me from this yesterday was the fact that I had to have oral surgery. I went to Penn at 2 PM and I got out around 4 or so with several stitches in my gum and mouth full of blood. Later on I had band rehearsal, which I refused to miss despite the unfathomable pain that I was in most of the time. We only ran through the set once, which sucks, but I just had to bail.

Today I get to work from 11 AM until about 10 PM.

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  1. Heidi says:

    I really hope Bird comes back home safe and sound. I know how much you love him, and I am sure that you are devastated. I’d plaster the entire neighborhood with flyers and call every animal shelter to have them on the lookout for him.

    I’ll keep him in my thoughts and cross my fingers that he comes back.

    What a little douche!

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