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“We could have found a traditional outlet to release this project, but we’re just totally disgusted with the music industry right now. You know, they rake in millions and then turn around and file charges against the very fans we depend on. Those fans are just trying to get more people to listen to our music,” explains the band’s Jon Tuttle. “It’s not just about money. We got into this because we love music. And we think letting our fans promote our new EP is a unique way to help each other out.”

Unique is a good word for this band. They perform on stage behind a translucent screen, 30 ft wide and 15 ft tall. The audience, in a dark room, is treated to a dizzying visual display of images projected on the screen while the bands rich, melodic tones mesmerize and transport the crowd to a different world. Sometimes the band is seen colorfully silhouetted on the screen, at others it’s invisible. The effect creates a theatrical arena experience in an intimate club setting.

The band’s core began in high school with 3 brothers–James Tuttle, Jon Tuttle, and Matt Tuttle — and their school friend, Eric Weyer. They formed the band Codeseven. Now with the addition of new front man Jared Draughon, formerly of Classic Case, the TELESCREEN experience is born.

It’s a beautiful little album, and it’s worth it to support artists this way. I actually PAID for the thing, which I very rarely do.

damage done

I don’t even know where to start. Oh wait, yes I do. Bird is home. He made it all the way to Swarthmore, and eventually some folks grabbed him and got him back home. Very cool. Meanwhile, life sucks in nearly every way. A person can only listen to how horrible they are so muchContinue Reading

my son is gone, and my face is jacked

Bird ran away yesterday. He ran out on to the front porch, and through the slightly opened door. He then preceded to haul ass down the street and into the woods. No one was able to catch him, and we haven’t seen him since. Obviously, this is among the worst things that could ever happen.Continue Reading

12 Weeks

Autumn is here

Summer held on a bit longer than usual this year, but Autumn has finally arrived. Since there are so few things in life that can be depended upon, I often look to the change of seasons to be my rock. For as long as I can remember, Fall has been my favorite time of year.Continue Reading