random updates


Somehow I just haven’t found the time to sit down and write here lately. I suppose nothing all that interesting has gone on anyway, but surely some stories have fallen through the cracks. How sad. So what’s new? Let’s see here… I’ve been a father for about 9 weeks now, and I hardly even know what to say about that. Darwin is truly amazing. Considering the complete wreck that my life is, his ability to fix it all with a simple smile or laugh is astonishing. Of course it’s a very temporary fix, but still, not bad. The added stress related to the baby has surely taken a toll on my home life, which is pretty sad. I’d love to say that his existence has been nothing but a bundle of joy, but that isn’t the case. I wish everyone could just focus on what is really important rather than get bogged down in the minutia of half-important selfish “problems”.

The band. We’re doing ok. Not great, but ok. Rehearsals could sound better, but that’s really our own doing. We need to seriously practice these songs in the exact way that they should be played, and we need to do it often. Shows officially start on October 19 when we play the Silo in Reading, PA. Ahead of that we’re gonna sneak out to an open-mic night at a very nice venue just to go through the motions in public, and we might also do a planned invite-only show. I say “might” because apparently that is up in the air now, after we thought it was locked in. We’ll see.


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