It’s not very often these days that I feel compelled to totally call someone out in a public way. And it’s far more rare that I feel the need to call any one person out more than once. Well there’s a girl named Srp (Serp) who gets that honor today. She’s been tagged on at least one prior version of this site for some ultra-retarded behavior, and as per her usual behavior, she doesn’t learn. So here we are.

First, let me make it clear that I do consider Srp a “friend”. In the way that I would say something like “I have this friend, Srp”. What goes into her being a friend? Well let’s see. We share some common interests, we’re comfortable speaking to one another in an open way, and on various levels we’ve supported one another and/or helped one another out. I don’t take any of that for granted, and I appreciate any help that I get from anyone. But one of my major beefs with Srp is that she’s one of those people that feels bitter about doing a good deed. Like “God, I donated $1 to some fucking cancer organization. What assholes!”. Know what I mean? So basically, it gets really hard to express appreciation or thankfulness to someone, when they do things with such obvious negativity surrounding it. Do a good deed and be happy about it, or don’t fucking do it. Certainly don’t spend the next 5 years reminding me about how great you are for doing me a favor.

A big part of what contributes to that behavior is her sense of entitlement, which absolutely comes from the fact that she is completely spoiled rotten. She’s well into her twenties, lives at home with Mommy, has a college degree, a Jeep, cellphone, MacBook Pro, a drinking problem, and a job that can’t support even 1/10 of her life’s expenses. She regularly takes trips to Florida, Atlantic City, and occasionally other countries (most recently Mexico). This is an issue that comes up occasionally among people in my life, and I almost always blame the parents. I know Srps mom in a very casual way, and she is a pretty normal, nice, and generous woman. But in this case, her generosity has gone too far and has created a spoiled monster. What parents fail to realize is that by coddling their offspring for such a huge portion of their life, they aren’t allowing the child to develop the tools to succeed in life as an independent adult, which is a good thing to be. She gets pretty pissed when any of this comes up, and its to the point where she will intentionally become “closer” with “friends” that don’t mention this kind of stuff, even if they aren’t truly friends to her at all. Basically, her goal is to carve out the easiest possible path through all of life. Frankly, I find that to be shitty and weak, but that’s just my opinion.

This may be slightly off topic, but not really. Today I got into a conversation with her, and it got slightly heated for some dumb reason. Conversations getting heated with Srp is a regular occurrence these days, because she’s mentally ill (like, in an honest to goodness diagnosed by doctors kind of way) and she’s been off her meds for some reason. So basically she’s off her rocker more than she normally would be. Anyway, her defense in these situations is try and drop some intentionally hurtful, personal insults to deflect the attention away from her shortcomings. Today, in the middle of the discussion, she said “You know, I know people at Origivation Magazine. I was aaking them what they think of your new music, and I’m not hearing good things”. First of all, it had NOTHING at all to do with the conversation we were having. And second, I couldn’t give a shit. Origivation is a free magazine that generally kisses the ass of unoriginal semi-cover bands that play the local Frat-friendly clubs. Having said that, the original owner/editor of the magazine has always been very cool to my band, and has written flattering words about us. The original guy is now gone, being replaced by people I have publicly criticized. I can only imagine what the next review will be like. Meanwhile, Srp doesn’t have a fraction of the balls it takes to even create something and send it out into the world to be criticized in the first place. Anyway, she said it in hopes that it would bother me, and that’s what counts.

I’m busy dealing with my son here, so I’m kind of losing my train of though as I write all this. But basically, more than any other time in my life, I could really use a group of friends who are cool and understanding. Right now Srp is failing miserably at that. For her sake, I hope she grows up.

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