Monthly Archives: August 2007


I know, I know. I’ve praised Shepard Fairey plenty in the past, but I swear, the son of a bitch just hasn’t gone wrong yet. I’ve had many conversations with Shep over the last few years, and he’s always been completely cool. He’s gone out of his way to be accommodating to me; a guyContinue Reading


I spent most of Saturday at “The Big Art Show” in West Philly. I signed up for it a couple of weeks ahead of time, thinking that a deadline would get me motivated to start printing something to sell. It never happened. At the last minute I printed up a handful of broken heart t-shirts.Continue Reading

Buy my new record. Please.

As you may have heard, my band finished a new album. It’s short (6 songs), but I think it’s the best music Dark Disco Club has ever made. Leaps and bounds above our last album, that’s for sure. For reasons beyond our control it is currently available on iTunes only. We hope it won’t beContinue Reading

So far, so… good?

Wow, I’m tired. I knew that once Darwin was born, some sleep would be lost. But fuckin’ a, I am tired. I’ll try to summarize what’s been going on before I pass the frig out. • The three of us have been sleeping in the living room because it’s cooler out here. This fucks upContinue Reading