life sucks, i love my kid, blah blah


I hesitate to write what’s on my mind sometimes, because now it could be translated into me somehow being a bad father or some bullshit. Then I remembered, I don’t give a shit what anyone thinks.

Basically, my life sucks. Yes, I love my son. He’s amazing, and extraordinarily frustrating. He is as difficult as he is cute, and he’s pretty friggin’ cute. The lack of sleep has finally driven me completely mad. And I mean mad as in insane, as well as mad like I’m angry and want to kill people.

I’m seriously pissed about my job. People don’t understand why, since it’s more money, but fuck that. Of course there is the issue of my band being possibly/probably fucked out of having our new CD, but more on that another day, maybe. Then there is my better half. Yeeeaaaahhhhh. Whatever. I could go on and on, but whatever. The basic idea is that everything blows.

And if Darwin gives me trouble when he wakes me up this next time, I’m gonna build a catapult out of his bathtub sling and launch him to the moon.

just kidding, pal

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  1. kate says:

    i know exactly why you’re pissed about your job. my job puts me in that situation too and i don’t feel like i’m making a difference or developing myself and my strategies as a teacher.

    ps. darwin has a cute butt


  2. rob says:

    Hang in there dude. I would like to say it gets easier, but it doesn’t. It pretty much gets a bunch more frustrating and difficult. Be thankful you only have 1 child.

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