I kinda got fired.


I had a meeting with my boss at the Charter School today. I assumed we were going to talk about the upcoming school year, and the new format of the elective. Hell I was planning on asking for a raise.

Well I got fired. I was told that some dude who “worked for Jay-Z and Dr. Dre” was replacing me, because they just couldn’t turn that down. Whatever. However, I was offered a different position. They call it “Studio Manager”, but to me it sounds like a glorified lunch monitor. In reality it won’t be too much different from what I did last year, aside from the fact that I don’t need to plan a single friggin’ thing, and I will now work five days a week instead of just one. I’ll also make more money, which is nice. But money isn’t everything. I liked being a teacher, and I was hoping it would help lead to more teaching. I guess I’ll just add it to the list:

• tour with Dark Disco Club
• get a masters degree
• live in Philadelphia forever
• be a teacher

The list of goals for my life that are destroyed.

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  1. rich mollica says:

    I can help you be a teacher if your interested.Goal realized?

  2. printy spazzy says:


    Studio manager will free you up to work on special projects with the gifted students and also make you look even better when you apply for your next teaching job; where you will play it up like it really is – you worked there for this (longer) amount of time during which you got a promotion to studio manager. You might like this other dude that will be working under you and pick up some of his skills. If you don’t, then you can boss him around until he quits 😉

  3. GetHurt says:

    […] in August, I sorta got fired from my position teaching production. I guess it wasn’t a complete firing since I was just […]

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