Monthly Archives: July 2007

Upgrades, etc.

I may be the only one that cares about this kind of stuff, but whatever. I’ve done some upgrades to this site, and added a little new one. First, I upgraded to WordPress version 2.2.1. I highly recommend WordPress to anyone interested in creating any time of blog-like website. I also use it for Reading

What’s in a name.

I hope this is my last post concerning my sons name. If there’s another one, that means something drastic has happened, and I just don’t need that. Anyway, I thought I would just document some of the thought behind the last round of the naming process. JONAH: It is of Hebrew origin, and its meaningContinue Reading

Natural Selection

Last night I decided that my son needed a name. Immediately. I typed our 3 final choices (Darwin, Jonah, Emerson) into a page on my PowerBook, duplicated them several times, printed it out, and cut out the names. Each one was folded in half and placed in a small box. An iPhone box actually. =)Continue Reading

iLove it

I have a problem. There, I admitted it. Buying a killer new 8 GB iPhone was probably the most irresponsible purchase I’ve ever made, but honestly it was necessary. There was no way I was going to get any sleep until I bought one, because I was completely overrun with the need for this sexyContinue Reading