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I swear, this site will not become one big baby photo depository. He’s just brand new and I’m freaking out so deal with it. But in case you do want a baby photo depository, I have one of those too.

I spent all of yesterday at the hospital, and that’s what I’ll do again today once I get ready. Both Mom and Baby are fine, but breastfeeding could be going better. He’s lost a bit of weight (which is totally normal), but they don’t want him to lose any more. So now he really needs to start latching on to that boob as if he were in high school.

Oh, and he seems to like the Codeseven album.

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  1. V says:

    I had a very hard time with Trevor latching on. He never seemed to hang on for more than a few minutes. When i was in the hospital i couldn’t feed him right away, but they gave me a pump so that they could bottle feed him my milk while he was being monitored.
    It’s very hard to latch onto a boob once you hit the bottle, so try to be patient with the boob, otherwise bottle feeding may be the way to go.
    And, by the way, i’m loving all the baby pictures. He’s a very important person in your life right now and it’s great that you’re sharing your happiness.

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