Monthly Archives: June 2007

Week 36

baby bite

I don’t have much to write about right now. I’m really anxious to meet my son, and I just thought I would take note of that. He has tons of clothes, and some pretty funky little toys, and I just can’t wait to get his little ass over here to hang out.


Today I did something that has been done only 1 or 2 other times before. I deleted a post from this site. It was one hell of a post too. It was classic type stuff. It was pure. It was angry, vengeful, and written entirely in the moment. It was human honesty in allContinue Reading


Michael Moore has done it again. I’m a fan of his work for several reasons; he makes me laugh during every one of his films, he makes me cry during every one of his films, and he makes me incredibly angry during every one of his films. A lot of people criticize the fact thatContinue Reading

Thinking about Fatherhood

That is a picture of my Father. To find it, I had to search the internet. I’ve had the idea of Fatherhood on my mind quite a bit lately, for obvious reasons. I was listening to the Howard Stern show today, and he had Chris Cornell on. During the interview, Howard asked Chris about hisContinue Reading


My son really needs a name. There’s not much longer to go, and I’d like to have a name for him once he gets home. We’re entering week 34 (of 40), and there’s always the chance that he’ll come a bit early. This is getting pretty urgent. I never met a guy named Darwin.