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Dark Disco Club has a new single out, and a music video to go with it. We shot the video last Thursday, and after a long night (and morning) of toying with Final Cut Pro, it was ready to go. Earlier that week, I found out that I had free tickets to see Heaven And Hell at the Spectrum. In case you aren’t cool, Heaven And Hell is Black Sabbath with Ronnie James Dio on vocals. Needless to say this was something I wanted to see, and it was probably the only chance I would ever have to see it in my life. By that point I had already told the band that we would be shooting the video that night, so I sent the band this email:
“I was just given free tickets to see Heaven and Hell (Black Sabbath with Dio) on Thursday night… but I am choosing to shoot our video instead as a means of leading by example as to how important DDC is. Yay me.”

Well, here we are not even one week later and I was just told that Tom would be unable to make it this Wednesday night because he had to go see a show. I asked what band it was and he said “Some band Tubring. They’re Nicoles friends. I don’t really like em.” As I’m sure you’ve already figured out, Nicole is the name of Toms current girlfriend. So to summarize, I skipped seeing Black Sabbath with Dio for a band night, and Tom is skipping DDC to go see a band that he doesn’t like, and who plays shows constantly. Take notice how I’m not talking shit or even giving an opinion. Just the facts. The fucked up retarded facts. I’ll keep keeping my mouth shut in order keep the band together, but fuck.

Anyway, here is the video I spent like 10 hours on.

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  1. Felix says:

    really good song dude! I love it 🙂 , keep up the good work! the video is damn nice too

  2. Printy Spazy says:

    what did you do with those tickets !!!!!???????

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