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life sucks, but pizza is great

magic bus

I know that doesn’t look like a picture of a man whose entire future is in doubt and who has spent the last 2 days in the depths of Hell, but it is. It’s also the picture of a man who tries to cover it up with a smile or goofing around or making wisecracks all day so that he isn’t forced to dwell on the fucked up life he’s been left with.

I do try to look at the bright side however. Music has been going well, and my son is bouncing around like crazy in the womb all the time.

Anyway, I really really hope things get better.

DDC Alumni update

I got into a conversation recently about the musical output of ex-members of my band. Basically comparing what they did before DDC to what they have done after DDC. Let’s get up to date on some of these… RICH GAVETTI before: Rich played in a nu-metal band called Angst. Heavy Mesa Boogie Godsmack type guitarsContinue Reading


I moved into this lame apartment at the very end of January, and as of April 9, I have yet to unpack 95% of my art supplies. I haven’t drawn, painted, sewn, or printed a single thing. I worked so hard toward grad school, and had so much riding on that whole thing. When myContinue Reading