Highway to Hell


I have a son on the way, and I have music. Aside from those two things, everything sucks. Seriously, what a fucking disaster this life is. My body is a mess, my mind is a mess, my future seems darker than ever, and I catch shit for every fucking thing I do (or more frequently, don’t do).

I’m not sure why it’s been hard for me to post in this thing lately. I want to spill my guts, because I have plenty to spill, trust me. Uggh.

And let me say, now that the weather is getting a little better, it sucks even more to live in the suburbs. I get to drive past my awesome ex-apartment every Monday on my way to work. I miss my scooter. I miss my Jeep. I miss being young.

being young > being older

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  1. rob says:

    Listen to happier music. Try Of Montreal, Andrew Bird or Ween

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