alive and kickin’

bitmap belly

For the last couple of weeks, my baby-momma has called me over to her once or twice a day to feel the baby move when she feels it. I would reach over, place my hand on the big melon… and I wouldn’t feel a friggin’ thing. I think I may have felt one tiny bump, once. Well tonight, that little sucker was having a party in there! I felt him doing whatever he’s doing in there like 10 times, and it was pretty damn cool. It doesn’t seem like much of a big deal, but I have to say it put a smile on my face.

Sometimes this whole pregnancy deal can be kinda rough, but moments like these seem to outweigh the rest. I really can’t wait to get my hands on the little dude and show him how to use a Mac.

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  1. rob says:

    Just wait untill the 8th month. You can see the baby push its hands and feet against the stomach. It looks like the scene in Alien at the bar when the alien pops out of that dude. All my kids arte Mac addicts. It makes me feel…


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