What should I name my son?

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Now that I know it’s a boy, I’m going to need a name. If anyone out there has a good suggestion, by all means send it my way. As I mentioned once before, I have a set of guidelines that I’m sticking to. They aren’t 100% required, but so far the formula seems like a good idea.

The name should be 2 syllables. It should include a long O sound, as in jOseph. And it must not end with an R, because that sounds bad with my last name.

I had a list of around 20 names, but as I deleted the ones I totally hated I wasn’t left with very many options. You have to include the last name, since sometimes a name that sounds good on its own get all screwed up when used with the last name.

1. Milo Rose
2. Jonah Rose
3. Noah Rose
4. Otis Rose

I had Bowie on the list too, but I’m afraid that people would shorten it to “Bo”, which is totally not something I want my kid to be called. This is hard.

5 Responses to What should I name my son?

  1. Printy Spazy says:

    I vote for Nuno Rose, but I also like Jonah and Otis.

    Congratulations. I’m glad you are getting your boy!

    R oxox

  2. rob says:


  3. slim says:

    haha… bowie or milo.
    or ozzy.

  4. k says:

    Shepard Rose.

  5. oic oic says:

    Not exactly the long “O” sound, but how about Corey?

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