I hate the suburbs.


As expected, living in the suburbs totally sucks ass. I spend most days trapped in this lame apartment with nothing to do, and nowhere to go. In the city I was surrounded by just about everything I could need or want, and it was all within walking distance (or a short scooter ride). Down here I live in boring cookie cutter apartment complex and I’m surrounded by little more than other cookie cutter apartment complexes and a few shopping centers. I can’t really walk anywhere, not that there’s much to walk to anyway, and I don’t have a car. The idea of buying a car is something that I won’t realistically be able to consider for a long long time, so I guess I’m going to have to get used to this new life.

Anyway, we have our second ultrasound appointment this Friday. As with this whole pregnancy, I am very excited and very nervous. In all likelihood, by the time I leave that room I will know the sex of my child. And let me tell you, if that doctor says that it’s a boy, I will launch into an end zone celebration that rivals the Icky Shuffle. If it’s a girl… well that’s cool too. Either way I’m going straight from that place to the nearest IMAX theater to see 300. How friggin’ cool does that look!?

And one last thing… www.darkdiscoclub.com

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