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joe college

On Thursday I had a long meeting with the woman in charge of the undergrad Printmaking/Book Arts program at University of the Arts. It’s official… I have been fucked out of Grad School for the time being. UArts is accredited by Middle States, and The Art Institute is accredited by ACICS. What exactly does that mean? For me, it means that I spent 4 years and $65,000 earning a degree that means absolutely nothing to me, because UArts won’t accept it.

My last option is to enter UArts as an undergrad, as a Sophomore. It would technically be somewhere between a Sophomore and a Junior. I’ve been accepted (off the record), so really the decision is mine now. I’ll have to complete somewhere around 2.5-3 years worth of classes before I can once again make an attempt at a Masters Degree. In the process of earning this second Bachelors Degree, I’ll incur insurmountable debt, and it won’t guarantee me acceptance into the Grad program.

This is not going to be an easy decision.

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