The Art of Communication

school note

I had work today, and as I got down the stairs I saw a small scrap of paper on the floor. A small scrap of paper on the floor of a high school is surely not something you’d think would stand out in any particular way, but for some reason I felt compelled to reach down and grab this one. Boy, was I glad I did. In case it’s unclear, the note reads:

“I said Mykea said Avion smell like a dirty coochie like a gel whose period is on n don’t wash up the fishy smell.

Avion cycle might be on lol”

That note made my day. Anyway, I like this job. I get slightly frustrated on occasion, but really it’s like a 1 or 2 on the real-life-frustration scale. There are 2 kids that totally make it worthwhile. They seem genuinely interested and excited about learning this stuff. One is way confident, and one is on the verge of being musically HOT 2 DEF.

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