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bite me

I used to have sex. In fact, in July I’ll have proof of it. But that was then. Apparently, it is no longer a part of my life.

And speaking of sex, I really want a boy. Wow, that sentence sounded bad. What I mean to say is, I hope the sex of my child is male. I know it’s politically incorrect to say anything other than “I will love this child no matter what sex it is. I’m just hoping for a healthy baby”. Well no shit. Of course I want a healthy baby, and yeah, I imagine I will love the child just the same if it is a girl. But there is no question in my mind that I will have a drastically different relationship with a female child than I would with a boy. I’ve never been a little girl, and I don’t relate to little girl things. I sure as hell don’t relate to big girl things either, but I guess that would come much later. It’s the difference between playing Hockey and playing Barbie. Buying a guitar or buying dresses. I think part of being a good parent is having some genuine interest in things, and I am simply not interested in the same things that a little girl is interested in. I can fake it, but eventually a kid will see through that. I’ve already had countless daydreams about what it would be like to have a son. All the important talks I could have with him, and all the great time we could spend together doing those Father-Son things that I never got to do.

Having said that, I’m most likely going to have a girl. I’ve officially wished for a boy, so it’s almost a sure thing that a girl will be born.

Bring back those good old days
Nothing feels right
Nothing ever goes my way
I threw my future away
Now I’ll walk alone out here in the cold
Wandering astray
Where’s my future
Gonna need a home
You’d expect the same now wouldn’t you
Wouldn’t you

Red Tape

On Thursday I had a long meeting with the woman in charge of the undergrad Printmaking/Book Arts program at University of the Arts. It’s official… I have been fucked out of Grad School for the time being. UArts is accredited by Middle States, and The Art Institute is accredited by ACICS. What exactly does thatContinue Reading


I haven’t posted lately, and I think the main reason is simply to avoid being redundant. If I wanted to be completely honest and accurate on here, I would log in every day and say “Everything sucks, I hate my life, and I wish I would die in my sleep”. But when I look backContinue Reading

The Art of Communication

I had work today, and as I got down the stairs I saw a small scrap of paper on the floor. A small scrap of paper on the floor of a high school is surely not something you’d think would stand out in any particular way, but for some reason I felt compelled to reachContinue Reading