That is a picture of my kid, sucking his thumb. It’s one of the first four still images taken of him/her, ever. It was taken on Thursday, shortly after the last time I posted here. Well had I known that the day would have gone so horribly wrong (which I should have known), I would have waited and written about the whole nightmare of a day in one post. Without going into details, I can safely say that the day was completely ruined. Put simply, it was the exact opposite of how any parent-to-be would want that day to go. It was horrible. Despite all that, once we were in the office and that real-time image of the baby came on the screen, I had nothing else on my mind. It was pretty amazing to say the least. For me it was a huge relief. It showed me that my kid was in fact alive, moving, and had all of its limbs intact. In fact, it was probably the most amazed I’d ever been at a piece of technological equipment without an Apple logo on it. It’s too early to see a weener, but man, I’m hoping there is one.

And since Thursday? Let’s see… yeah, everything has sucked. The weekend was spent moving, which is bad enough. But of course nothing can ever just be “bad enough” in my life, it has to be worse than that. Sunday was at least as bad as Thursday, and that’s not even counting the fact that I had to move out of my dream apartment. As vague as all this sounds, trust me, it’s got to be that way for my own good.

Last night was the first night spent in my new apartment. It was everything I expected it to be. Today will be the last time I ever set foot in the awesome ex-apartment. It’s all empty aside from some trash that needs to go out, but I’ll take a few minutes to stand in there and look around before I give the keys back and resign myself to this awesome new life of mine.

And for a Grad School progress update: Nothing good has happened. 900 phone calls gone unreturned, lots of disappointment, lots of red tape bullshit. I guess it’s time to start filling out an application at one of the nice suburban McDonalds around the way.

At least there’s a new NIN DVD coming out.

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