twenty nine


I turned 29 yesterday (January 10). The day was fine, the night was a disaster, and I don’t feel any older or wiser. I had one present coming my way, and it didn’t arrive in time. I’m getting the Guitar Hero II Multi-Player Bundle for Playstation 2.

I’ve been extremely stressed out lately about applying to grad school, but I’m just about finished with that headache. I completed my portfolio DVD, filled out all the paperwork, and dropped it all off in person today. The last step is an appointment with the head lady in charge, which is set for Wednesday morning. I’d feel way better about my chances if I had more books in my portfolio, but I guess it’s too late to second guess it all now.

On a more amusing note, it was brought to my attention that a guy that I fired from Dark Disco Club has launched a solo project. I won’t give my opinion of it here since it would surely sound biased. I think the guitar solo in the song more than speaks for itself.

Check out Eric Rosso’s solo project.

Now, for all the oldheads, here’s a classic photo of the bass player from Under Grace:
old me

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  1. Printy Spazy says:

    Don’t worry, I didn’t have one single book in my application packet, not a single one.

    I will e-mail my letter to Susan by the end of the day.

    Happy Birthday. I loved being 29. It’s a good odd age to be.

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