My new apartment totally sucks.

new apt sucks 2

Sooner than expected, I’ve landed a new apartment. I’m in my current, totally awesome place until the end of January, but it made sense to just lock this one in. The new apartment completely sucks. There is no skylight, no deck, no massive windows, no fireplace, and no cool loft bedroom. In fact, the new place is back in Ridley (aka the burbs, aka Hell), right near the high school where I spent 4 years of hating life and wanting to escape, and right across the street from the awesome Ridley Police (aka The Aryan race) who fucked with me every chance they got when I was young. My breathtaking view of the Philadelphia skyline is being replaced by a mundane look through a generic parking lot. Basically, this place is “nice” by normal suburban standards, but it’s everything I never wanted.

Someone, kill me.

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  1. rob says:

    I lived in center city and after knocking up my lovely girlfriend I returned to the park. I hate that place. Although it is a good enviroment for a toddler.
    If it is any consultation after living there for 3 years and purchasing a home in lovely Norwood, my graphic skills led me to work for a lovely company that relocated myself and my family to Las Vegas.
    I now run a company and have 3 kids and a lovely view of the Sierra Nevadas.

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