I have a new job.


I actually got a job. In January I start teaching Music Production at The Freire Charter School in Philadelphia.

“The Freire Charter School provides a college-preparatory learning experience with a focus on problem solving, freedom, critical thinking, and the collective values of non-violence, safety, community and teamwork. Situated in the heart of Philadelphia’s Center City, we are a unique school that cultivates students’ individuality and personal interests.” Sounds pretty cool, right? Essentially my job is to teach high school age teens to create hip hop music on a Mac.

Also, I am moving. I have the most badass apartment in all of Center City, and it can be yours as of February 1. Check it out.

UPDATE: This thing was on the market for less than one day, and someone has a deposit down on it. Crazy.

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  1. chird says:

    Mold the young my brother.

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