Monthly Archives: December 2006

My Christmas and a prediction.

heart city

I had a rough day or two leading up to Christmas, but by the time Christmas Eve got going, I was feeling a bit better. Christmas day was pretty uneventful, but good. The first stop of the day was at Rosa’s parents house. After that I had dinner back in Woodlyn, and then watched the Eagles game at my Dad’s house. I would have liked to spend more of the day with the woman, but what can ya do? I did manage to come out of the day with some more of my trademark Express underwear, an awesome book full of my favorite artists work, some cash, and a cool DVD. Not bad at all.

On to my prediction. I’m not trying to be cynical, or feel sorry for myself, but I predict that I will not be accepted into grad school. Not this year, anyway. One popular theory is that if I’m not accepted this year, I will be next year. I tend to feel like that is true, but it’s a very competitive situation, so the odds are stacked against me. I haven’t been able to do nearly as much printing as I would have liked to, so hopefully the portfolio that I can put together will seem interesting to the people in charge. I have 4 awesome letters of recommendation on my side, so maybe that will help too. Time will tell.

In the meantime, I’m planning some new outdoor installations. Keep your eyes peeled, city dwellers.

DDC iTunes Sales Report: 12/06

The last time I posted with the DDC sales information, I had a theory that the sales had completely dropped off because I stopped promoting. Apparently, the album has a life of its own, and this last month saw the highest sales ever. I’ve gotten word that there were some technical issues with the reportingContinue Reading

My new apartment totally sucks.

Sooner than expected, I’ve landed a new apartment. I’m in my current, totally awesome place until the end of January, but it made sense to just lock this one in. The new apartment completely sucks. There is no skylight, no deck, no massive windows, no fireplace, and no cool loft bedroom. In fact, the newContinue Reading

I have a new job.

I actually got a job. In January I start teaching Music Production at The Freire Charter School in Philadelphia. “The Freire Charter School provides a college-preparatory learning experience with a focus on problem solving, freedom, critical thinking, and the collective values of non-violence, safety, community and teamwork. Situated in the heart of Philadelphia’s Center City,Continue Reading

this is why they call me Dr. J

I’ve played in the AFBL for a while, and although each and every game gets recorded on video, I’ve never seen any of the footage. Well today that all changed. Here is a short clip of me dominating the game on 12/09/06. WATCH THE VIDEO