Monthly Archives: November 2006

Light and his switch

I went to The Barbary tonight to see Hatch (Lord Beards band) and Lichtswitch (the current project of Dark Disco Club co-founder, Joe Light). I’ve never seen Joe play live, and I actually haven’t spoken to him in years. It was a weird “falling out” since we never really had some big fight or issueContinue Reading


Now that I’m a Father-to-be, I figure it’s time that I act like the mature adult that I need to be. So what did I do to celebrate this new phase of maturity? I snuck into the movies by myself to see the new James Bond flick! YEAH! Anyway, this movie kicked major ass. TheContinue Reading


I am going to be a father. Ok, take a second to pick your jaw up off the floor after that bombshell. OK? Ok. Yes it’s true. All fears about my sperm being dead on arrival are put to rest. I am all man! But seriously… this is nuts. This had been the topic ofContinue Reading

Flips penis was blocked!

What a friggin’ night. Around 11:30 last night I got a frantic call from my girlfriend, expressing to me that her cat was freaking out, crying in pain, and just acting all weird. He’s been acting a bit unusual for the last week or two, but nothing that indicated he was in any pain, untilContinue Reading

DDC Sales Report: iTunes

I get a report on the 15th of each month, tracking the sales of Dark Disco Club albums on iTunes. I went ahead and made this fancy graph to illustrate those reports. It’s pretty easy to view this chart and see when things happened. You can see the initial addition of the 3 of SevenContinue Reading