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The biggest knock against The Game (Jayceon Taylor) is that he name-drops too much. Well, he does. He mentions Dr. Dre about 100 times, and named his album Doctors Advocate despite the fact that Dr. Dre didn’t produce even a single beat on it. The second issue is that his flow actually sounds like Dre, especially on this new album. And well, it does. He name drops and his voice sounds pretty similar to Dr. Dre. The name dropping isn’t all that big of a deal, and while Dre has a good rap voice, he doesn’t use it anymore, so Game might as well. All that bullshit aside, this is a damn fine Hip-Hop record. The production has been taken up a notch since his debut album, and his lyrics while not always deep, are solid. Kanye West, Swizz Beatz, Scott Storch, Will.I.Am and a bunch more all get in on production credits, and the overall vibe is pretty typical West Coast gangsta rap. But if you’re into West Coast gangsta rap, that’s a good thing. And you can’t really talk about West Coast gangsta rap without mentioning Compton, which happens to be the title of one of the best tracks on the album. It starts off with the oh-so-familiar “gangsta boogie” call, and Game rages through his verses at a furious pace. Other highlights are “It’s Okay (One Blood)” and “Da Shit”. Game aims to clear things up a bit at the end of “Da Shit” when he says “Everybody wanna know what the fuck is goin on / Am I singed to Aftermath? Interscope? / What’s up with Geffen? / Imma just say it like this, one day I walked in the muthafuckin house, and all my shit was gone”. I guess that clears it up.

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FUN FACT: the word nigger/nigga is used 177 times on this album. I counted.

4 Responses to THE GAME / Doctors Advocate

  1. Julio says:

    So what!!!

  2. Martavian James says:

    That nigga is better off without G-Unit. G-Unot was the best thing he said when he left. He had beef with Joe Budden, Yukmouth, and 50 Cent and the G-Unit crew members Lloyd Bank$, Tony Yayo, Young Buck, Spider-Loc, and everybody.

  3. Sometimes I can’t stand that nigga because I never rely liked evenhe was with G-Unit. But G-Unit is better then him. Plus he need to sit down somewhere because he had beefwith manypeople.

  4. Ja Rule Fat Joe Jadakiss and Lil Wayne He’scool with. He’s cool with that has beef with G-Unit. That nigga ain’t a G-Unit Soldierhe’s a pussy. This second The Doctors advocate he’s has good songson there.

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