Family Ties


For a while now, my stance on “family” has been that mine starts with me. I found my partner in life, and together we planned to build a new family from the ground up. Obviously, finding out that she was pregnant was a big step toward that plan. Now and again, I second guess myself and I start to wonder if I should try a little harder to promote healing within my own family, rather than writing them all off. I’ve spoken to my Mother recently, for the first time in 8 or 9 months. Nothing too heavy, but I’ve scratched the surface at least.

Today, I had a very unexpected family meeting. I was standing outside of The Last Drop waiting for a friend, and along comes my brother Andrew. It’s the third time I’ve run into him in Center City, and two of them were at this very spot. Weird. Anyway, we started chatting a bit and I quickly brought up the fact that I’d been considering talking to my (our) Father. It’s been quite a while since I’ve spoken to him, which was a conscious decision on my part. We sat and talked for quite a while about some family history, and various related issues. It was really good. I’ve grown up only a few minutes away from my Father and 3 half-brothers, and I barely know any of them. Of course that isn’t my fault, but still, on some level it kinda sucks.

The idea of having a child of my own has caused such an immediate wave of thoughts in my mind. It’s really quite amazing, and overwhelming. If there’s any chance for him/her to have a more complete family picture than I did while growing up, I’d like to help make it happen.

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