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Now that I’m a Father-to-be, I figure it’s time that I act like the mature adult that I need to be. So what did I do to celebrate this new phase of maturity? I snuck into the movies by myself to see the new James Bond flick! YEAH!

Anyway, this movie kicked major ass. The movie (based on the first Bond novel by Ian Fleming) tells about the very beginning of James Bonds career as a “double-0”. It has everything that you’ve come to expect from a 007 movie; guns, cars, women, and exotic scenery, although it doesn’t get into all the wacky high-tech gadgetry that we’ve become so accustomed to. And honestly, I didn’t miss it one bit. This film also marks the first appearance of actor Daniel Craig as James Bond. Initially there seemed to be much controversy over his selection, but he’s more than proved himself as far as I’m concerned. While Craig may not be considered as “classically handsome” as Sean Connery or Pierce Brosnan, he brings a much grittier angle to the character without taking away from his classiness. There’s some pretty intense fighting and action throughout, and the opening chase sequence is intense to say the very least. As far as action/spy type movies go, this one is pretty top notch.


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