Season 6 of the glorious AFBL got started on Saturday, and I made my second triumphant, post-injury return. There was a good turnout and I kicked things off by scoring the very first basket of the season with my patented outside jumpshot. I played in the first 3 games and then took a seat when I started to feel my back tightening up just a bit. I just need to take it slow and not push too hard, so I can stay healthy through the season. Surprisingly, I didn’t really get winded, so that was good. Another big help is the fact that I now have laser-enhanced vision. I still had glasses during my first season, and man did that suck ass. Especially when they would get knocked off my face and explode into pieces. Anyway, I was happy with my performance. I hit a few, missed a bunch, and kept on shooting.

Also, before I forget… the AFBL now has an official blog. Check it out!


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