Monthly Archives: October 2006

some things never change

By 7:45 AM, my day had been ruined with an all too familiar reminder of why my life completely sucks. I need a major change, but making that change is the hardest thing on Earth. Anyway, I stumbled upon this drawing of mine. It was done in 1994 while sitting in some class in high school, and it got published in a literary magazine that the school created. It’s funny because the general idea is very similar to the most recent thing I’ve been sketching. I have to wonder why that is, considering it was over 12 years ago.

I guess I’m not over it yet. Whatever IT is.


Season 6 of the glorious AFBL got started on Saturday, and I made my second triumphant, post-injury return. There was a good turnout and I kicked things off by scoring the very first basket of the season with my patented outside jumpshot. I played in the first 3 games and then took a seat whenContinue Reading


I am contemplating suicide. Now, I’m not exactly considering doing it, but rather contemplating the whole idea of it and it’s place in the world. When I was much younger, I thought suicide was a lame way out of a tough situation, and was reserved for only the weakest of individuals. Well I’m older now,Continue Reading

Top 10 minimal jams (part 2)

Looks like today will be a lucky day for some folks. That’s right, it’s the big ol’ Top 10 minimal jams part 2! yay. I don’t have too much else to say right now, considering the only thing on my mind is that I’m flat broke and still struggling artistically. In fact, part of myContinue Reading

the last straw

Like any good rock band, Dark Disco Club has had plenty of internal struggles. As far as I can remember, the one issue that’s never gotten to us is that of money. God knows I’m not in it for the money, and I can’t imagine anyone else is either. Anyway, let me show you theContinue Reading