The Great Communicator

In the new issue of Swindle Magazine, Shepard Fairey interviews Banksy. Shep says “He’s a good friend and a tremendous source of inspiration; he’s The Great Communicator of our time, and the most important living artist in the world.” That’s a massive statement, and one that I may not disagree with. I’ve been looking at Banksy’s work a lot lately, and I think it would be pretty hard for anyone to not have some appreciation for what he’s doing.

I’m still struggling with my own art these days. I have so many fucked up distractions and problems going on, and they’re getting in the way. It’s not a good excuse I guess, but for me to make the art that I want to make, I need to be able to have a clear line between my mind and my medium. I’m workin on it.

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