mark price makes some cool prints

Yesterday evening I went to the opening of a group show, which included Philadelphia artist Mark Price. I first met Mark on February 4, 2005. I know that was the date, because it was the opening of my second solo show. I left my show and walked along 2nd Street in Old City, and I came across a guy with some seriously kickass screenprints laid out on the sidewalk. We talked for a few minutes and exchanged an email or two. Since that time, this guys presence in the Philadelphia art scene has grown tremendously. He’s all hooked up with 1026, and his books, prints and tshirts are all over the place (including in my house). Anyway, it was a pretty cool show, with some killer new work. Good job, Mark.

As for the GetHurt Radio reference in the image, you need to subscribe to the damn thing. This one involves a very special homework assignment given to Srp in 2005, and some Living Colour.

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