Monthly Archives: September 2006

The Great Communicator

In the new issue of Swindle Magazine

, Shepard Fairey interviews Banksy. Shep says “He’s a good friend and a tremendous source of inspiration; he’s The Great Communicator of our time, and the most important living artist in the world.” That’s a massive statement, and one that I may not disagree with. I’ve been looking at Banksy’s work a lot lately, and I think it would be pretty hard for anyone to not have some appreciation for what he’s doing.

I’m still struggling with my own art these days. I have so many fucked up distractions and problems going on, and they’re getting in the way. It’s not a good excuse I guess, but for me to make the art that I want to make, I need to be able to have a clear line between my mind and my medium. I’m workin on it.

Top 10 minimal jams (part 1)

It’s amazing how powerful a song can be with extremely minimal instrumentation. These days, even mediocre bands can hide behind layers of gloss and production and manage to sell some records to the more casual record buying public. Us old-heads aren’t fooled by that though. Luckily for you, I’m here to educate you all oneContinue Reading

mark price makes some cool prints

Yesterday evening I went to the opening of a group show, which included Philadelphia artist Mark Price. I first met Mark on February 4, 2005. I know that was the date, because it was the opening of my second solo show. I left my show and walked along 2nd Street in Old City, and IContinue Reading

iTunes users, help me

This is a test. No seriously, this is a test. If you have iTunes on your computer, USE THIS LINK, and subscribe to it. Let me know if it seems to be working. “Episodes” have apparently been published without me even knowing it, so I might as well take some level of control and putContinue Reading

time will cut you down

That face I saw and thought of love Is gone. And if you thought you’d end on top You’re wrong You’ll realize when I’m standing over you Time will cut you down Time will steer your path from your precious dreams And I won’t be around No souvenirs or guilty tears Or anything My trustContinue Reading