attention WHORES

It’s as though some people have concrete for brains, and just don’t get the fucking message. As if it hasn’t been discussed and agreed upon on 900 occasions, no one in Dark Disco Club is to be driving their fucking girlfriends with us to our job. IT IS NOT A FUCKING DATE. Tonight, both Eric and Tom decided that they needed to pack up their better halves, take them to our gig, and then sneak them in the fucking back door so they don’t have to pay and support the venue, bands, etc.

Once everyone is in the venue, these chicks feel the need to bond with one another in random acts of embarrassing, childish nonsense in order to quench their endless thirst for attention. I could pick a few examples, but the grossest one by far would have to be the two of them (who just met tonight) grabbing and making out with each other right in the middle of the place for everyone to see. I honestly felt the urge to grab them and vomit in their fucked up faces. It’s lame on so many levels, including the fact that Michelle is engaged to Eric. Glad to see the relationship is being taken so seriously. As the night went on Michelle made sure to do plenty of other annoying things just like everytime we see her at one of our shows or even a party at someone’s house. She needs to touch people, grab them, and just talk endless amounts of retarded bullshit.

Shortly after our set, Tom comes over and says “Ok guys, I’ll see ya Tuesday”. This was weird/wrong/fucked up because not only would Tom never want to leave early like that, but the last band hadn’t even played yet, and we hadn’t been paid yet. Also, the last band happens to be a friend of ours who has come out to see us many times, and dissing him like that is plain old disrespectful and shitty. I knew something was wrong, and I knew damn well where the source of it would be. I immediately turned to his girlfriend (who has named herself KITTY) and asked her “Why is Tom leaving?”. Without hesitation she replied “Because I have work at 9 AM!!”. Wow. Anthony and I were both floored. The bitch owns her own car! It was sitting right in front of Toms house when she was allowed to get into his car instead. HER fucking work schedule has nothing at all to do with OUR work schedule which ends when we get paid at the end of the night.

And just as a side note… at one point tonight when the two witches were standing next to one another I made a comment about them being the same height. Tom leaned over to me and said “yeah but we all know that I have the better looking one”. Well, after some consulting, we all disagree.

The next time one of these dudes pull this shit, it will be the last show they play in DDC.

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