Hey, baby…

I’ve had tons of things on my mind lately, lack of money being number one as usual. I’ve been working a few odd jobs to help with that, and trust me, freelance graphic design projects definitely fit into the “odd job” category.

Today, one other thing that’s been on my mind mixed with a discussion I’ve had in the past with members of my band. That discussion was based on my idea that people (my band in this case) should do things to cause instability and unpredictability in their own lives, in order to give birth to a genuine sense of urgency, creativity, and motivation. Think about it, how is an average guy with an average face living in an average place with an average girl doing average things every day going to write an interesting song with any real passion? In my experience, it doesn’t happen. Anyway, I’m going astray here.

The point is, I feel like my own life may need an additional kick in the ass to help inject that new sense of urgency. I may be in a position to do that, while taking some major steps in my life that are already a bit overdue. It’s scary as hell, but I guess growing up always is.

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