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Autumn is approaching

I took a meaningful step today, and shaved my head.

The band played on Friday night. The week leading up to it was full of tension and drama, but lacked all the classically attractive Hitchcockian actors. For a short while it looked like the show wasn’t going to happen at all because for a few moments there we didn’t have enough band members. Surely enough, everyone seemed anxious to play this show (despite what a certain female said to me in her email).

We got through the set with no major incidents to speak of. It was the first time DDC has ever played a cover song. We did “Midlife Crisis” by Faith No More, and it was a good reminder of why we don’t play cover songs. Aside from that, the set got good reviews, but without a video of it I can only guess. We also played “Honey”, which is generally considered to be the most requested song in the DDC catalog. It’s also one of the least played, since this is only the second time we’ve ever done it. The first time was with Kevin on vocals, Drew Voluck on guitar, and no one at all on drums. This time we had it on full blast, and hopefully Erics vocals did it justice. Personally, I think it went just fine, and I was glad to play the song after so long. Despite a moment or two of some technical difficulties, my keyboard lived through the show. It did take on quite a bit of water, but as of the last note I tried to play, it was working.

I have no clue what the future holds for DDC, or almost any other aspect of my life for that matter. But no matter what, the seasons will change. And if you don’t have this album you’re a loser.

my chat with an art snob

On my iChat buddy list, I have a person listed as “Leigh (art snob)”. It’s been listed that way for as long as I can remember, and I’m not sure what first gave me that impression, but ohhh damn did she ever solidify that shit. Here’s the bulk of our conversation from the other day:Continue Reading

attention WHORES

It’s as though some people have concrete for brains, and just don’t get the fucking message. As if it hasn’t been discussed and agreed upon on 900 occasions, no one in Dark Disco Club is to be driving their fucking girlfriends with us to our job. IT IS NOT A FUCKING DATE. Tonight, both EricContinue Reading

Hey, baby…

I’ve had tons of things on my mind lately, lack of money being number one as usual. I’ve been working a few odd jobs to help with that, and trust me, freelance graphic design projects definitely fit into the “odd job” category. Today, one other thing that’s been on my mind mixed with a discussionContinue Reading

if you want an audience, start a fight

I’m having problems. As hard is it is to believe for a person like me, I’m having trouble finding my voice. Generally speaking, I’ve never been a very prolific artist. I’d like to gain some control over my output and become more consistent, but like I said, I’m feeling a little lost. A look throughContinue Reading