lies, lies, and videotape

I’ve done some interviews recently to support the release of the new Dark Disco Club cd. In one, I was asked “Does the band still remain as just your project with hired guns?”. The answer is yes, but I lied about it. I always lie about it. I lie to myself about it, I lie to my bandmates about it, and I lie to pretty much everyone that asks. I want so badly for it to not be true, but on some days it’s just too hard to ignore.

Today there was an event that provided a valuable, educational, networking and promotional opportunity to bands like mine. I mentioned it to the guys in my band, and not one was interested in taking part. The same way they don’t take part in promotion of any kind, booking, or pretty much anything else. To make it worse, all of our CD’s and merch are down in the burbs with them, so I had to be the only guy there with nothing to sell or give away. I couldn’t have been there for more than 10 minutes before someone recognized me and asked to buy our new cd. I had to turn him down.

The next notable encounter was with a girl who saw our recent performance at the Trocadero. I asked “What did you think?”. “I thought the music was really good… but you really need a new lead singer”, she replied. I was disappointed with her answer, but not surprised, and I appreciated her honesty. It wasn’t the first time I’d heard almost the same exact thing. This show was an important one. It was at a good venue which is rare for us, it was in front of a larger than average crowd, as well as members of the press, and it was to be recorded and put together for a DVD project of some kind. Eric and Anthony handed in performances that ensured the recordings could not be used. Tom didn’t help any with his tired, predictable watch-me-jump-off-the stage-during-Antarchy bullshit, but we expect that from him. His live performance responsibilities are kept minimal enough that they aren’t missed all that much if he chooses not to play them. But that isn’t the case for the lead vocals, or for parts when one guitar part is on prominent display; like the very beginning or very end of Burn To Breathe. Basically it was a great chance for us to rock a great show and document it all, and it was ruined.

And yes, this album is called THE END.

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