Monthly Archives: July 2006

is this subliminal enough?

That was the theme of the night. Tonights rehearsal started with Eric hanging his head in shame as we listened back painfully to his performance at the Trocadero show, and it ended with him singling himself out yet again when we tried to hang out together LIKE HE FUCKING ASKED FOR. None of us understand exactly why he wants nothing to do with us outside of rehearsal and stage time, and personally I don’t care why. I would accept him being a complete douche if his on-stage performances were mind-bogglingly great, but surely, they are far from it. In fact, they’ve been the polar opposite. The combination of fucked up singing and fucked up social behavior leads me to believe we’ve found our next ex-singer. Maybe he’ll prove me wrong, but I see a downward spiral happening here.

Our new record is on iTunes now, CHECK IT OUT.

seven and counting

I’ve had plenty to write about lately, but almost all of it is shit that’s been said here 900 times already. Like my band being a bunch of lazy fuckers whose main talent is excuse-making, me being broke, you know… the usual stuff. Today is a bit of a milestone in my life. Not aContinue Reading

lies, lies, and videotape

I’ve done some interviews recently to support the release of the new Dark Disco Club cd. In one, I was asked “Does the band still remain as just your project with hired guns?”. The answer is yes, but I lied about it. I always lie about it. I lie to myself about it, I lieContinue Reading

fuck that dumb fat motherfucker

Fuck being nice. Seriously, it never seems to get me anywhere. I thought that letting that huge stinking fur dispenser live with me was a pretty big sacrifice on my part, but it has brought me nothing but trouble. It makes my apartment stink and leaves it covered with fur. It keeps us up allContinue Reading

Pearl Jam is saving the world

In an effort to mitigate their own carbon emissions while raising the public’s carbon consciousness, PEARL JAM today announced the launch of their 2006 Carbon Portfolio Strategy. Through this Strategy, the band will donate a total of $100,000 to nine organizations doing innovative work around climate change, renewable energy, and the environment. “We established theContinue Reading