impending mood

I’ve spoken a lot about my band, the record we’ve been making, and all of the frustration that it brings. Well, I guess I have a confession to make. The album is seriously friggin cool. I mean, really. This is without a doubt the most interesting, original album that a band on our level has ever made, since the birth of the universe. Ok, I can’t prove that… but as far as any of our peers go, this really is the coolest thing I’ve heard. It’s easy to assume that I’m biased, but trust me when I tell you that I haven’t always been a huge fan of Dark Disco Club.

Last night was the very first time that I mixed the songs down, burned them to a cd, and listened to it in a “real world” environment; in this case it was Anthony’s car. I sat in the passenger seat, closed the doors, and listened with fresh ears. I liked what I heard. The cd we had contained 7 songs, which is a bit less than we planned to have on the album, but there are 2 more songs very close to completion. 10 tracks would be perfect, but 9 will be pretty damn close. There’s no guarantee that we’ll get them finished in time, but even without them, the album sounded complete. I’m excited.

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