my jedi training and how life sucks

Remember that scene in The Empire Strikes Back when Luke keeps trying to lift his spacecraft out of the mud? He keeps failing because his Jedi powers aren’t strong yet, and he gets all salty. On Saturday, I was Luke, and Yoda was there to watch me fail. But I keep on. Tonight is week 2 of my book arts class, which is very cool.

So speaking of life sucking, yesterday was some serious bullshit too. First was DDC

recording. As usual, it was frustrating. I’m so over that whole situation, and it just takes everything I have to even tolerate it at this point. There’s some cool music on there for sure, but as a whole it isn’t the album I wanted to make. It isn’t as long or as deep as I planned it to be, and I have to honestly say that I am not the cause for that. If there is ever another DDC record after this one, it will be created in a very, very different manner, and I will have far more control over it. It’s only dawned on me recently that it really is silly to give everyone an equal vote on things concerning the band and especially our songs. I’ve been at this far longer than some of the others… I have way more experience and I’m just better qualified to make some of these calls. This level of democracy is a mistake that won’t be made again.

And then there was last night. Ugghhh, what a fuckin bummer last night was. Screw it.

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