we said hello, goodbye

Well I’ll be a monkeys uncle. My solo project is in fact, in effect. Yesterday I got a lovely email from PayPal informing me that one of my prints had sold from my website. It was the last remaining print in my series of 4 screenprints of Pete Townshend. I was fond enough of this one that it was actually hanging in my own apartment. And much like the last one that sold, the new owner is a doctor from Center City. Craziness.

As if that weren’t good enough, later on in the day I got another one of those emails. This time it was the small version of Hello Philadelphia that sold. I’m actually relieved to have that one go. I’m proud of that image, but about 900 people had “almost” purchased it and then flaked out. So yay, it’s gone. At the moment, it’s still hanging in the SIX SIX SIX show, but I’m not sure how long it will stay up now that it has an owner.

I think I have to do some band shit today. Whateva.

PS. bitches seriously need to read the disclaimer at the top of this site. =P

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