the great divide

What do you see in this picture? I see Josh with a fully extended arm, rocking out on the most physically demanding instrument in a rock band. I see Tom, with both of his tattooed guns blazing, clutching a Gibson Les Paul as he flies through the air in a moment of genuine rock fury. And I see Eric… Eric, the frontman of “eccentric art rock powerhouse” DARK DISCO CLUB, wearing that same wrinkly red shirt, those same blue jeans, and those same silly light-colored sneakers. If you exchange that red shirt for his signature DC Shoes tee, he is dressed exactly as he would be if he were shopping for milk at the corner store. But guess what, he isn’t shopping for milk in this picture… he is in the middle of performing in a fucking rock n roll show!

I’m too fired up to tell this whole story in a calm detailed way, so let my just get to the bare facts of what went down tonight. Eric is the last to show up at Toms (not that the order in which we arrive matters, I’m just pointing it out). He walks into the garage with his friend Mario (who isn’t in the band) where we’re all gathered and declares “I’m wearing these jeans and these shoes, so whatever”. Wow. Let me explain. He felt the need to say that, because as he walked in, he saw ALL of us keeping up with what we had discussed and agreed upon as a band. We all thought that was pretty shitty, and he then said “What I’m wearing is the least of our problems”. And as I immediately pointed out to him, our real problem is the fact that he hasn’t been contributing anything to the music; specifically his parts to our long overdue album. I asked “Do you have those demos yet?” for the nine millionth time, and of course he said no. And then he whined about how he had to leave the garage now because I/we were on his case. Out he went. That was major douchebag move number one.

Douchebag move number two followed very shortly after. There are 5 members of the band, and 5 cars between us, all with way more than one seat in each. Obviously there is no need for us to each have our own personal car to the gig. As we all know, Tom likes to drink, and driving isn’t something you should do after you have been drinking. Toms car was already loaded up with his amp, guitars, and all his other gear. I asked Eric if he would drive Toms car, with Tom, so that he wouldn’t have to drive home drunk. He then asked “Then how will Mario get there?” To which I answered “In my car”. Let’s ignore the fact that Mario isn’t a member of the band, or a roadie, or anything like that, so why the fuck is he traveling with us to our shows? But whatever, I solved the problem in an instant and told him that Mario could easily just ride with me. To that Eric replied “Well what happens when I leave immediately after we’re done playing… no, you know what, NO”. He just said no! I asked “If drunk Tom crashes and dies because you wouldn’t give him a ride, will you feel bad about this?” and being his selfish self, he of course answered “NO”. Wow. The dude honestly doesn’t care if his close friend of many years fucking crashes and dies. That’s some seriously low shit right there.

So Tom and I unpacked his car, and loaded all of the gear into my car instead. Tom rode with me, and Eric took some guy that isn’t in the band (Mario). He also snuck him in the back door of the venue, avoiding the cover charge, which is essentially stealing money from the band.

What this comes down to is the fact that we have in our ranks a person that chooses to blatantly disregard the things that the band as a whole have agreed upon, he lacks the motivation and/or ability to contribute to the creative process, and he clearly doesn’t have the best interests of the band in mind whatsoever. I have no idea why he is in this band, and I seriously doubt he knows either. It sucks.

Meanwhile, if you have iTunes and want to hear some DDC music that was recorded painlessly and very successfully, check this out.

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