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As surely as the sun rises in the morning, I am slowly starting to get the visual side of my art back in order. All of a sudden I have all kinds of art-related action going on. And really, all of it is thanks to my dear friend Rebecca. She’s been the rad ass Yoda of my art-ness, and she turned me on to both of these opportunities. So big up to the printspaz!

First up is SIX.SIX.SIX. The theme of this little show is “art, religion, ethos”. This is the show that I mentioned not long ago, and the one I thought I had completely missed out on. On the deadline for submissions, I sent in 2 new pieces. Both of them were a bit half-assed, only because I ran into such difficulty when trying to complete them the way I wanted. The other day I got an email informing me that two of my works had been selected for this show, but neither of them were the ones I had submitted. Apparently the curator had taken the time to go through my portfolio and selected a couple from there. As awesome as that is, there was a problem with both of her selections. First of all, she selected a massive print called “Hello Philadelphia”. This is the print that everyone likes. It’s the biggest (legal) piece I’ve ever done, and it is rather striking if I do say so myself. The problem is that I don’t own it any more. It was sold in January 2005 (I think). So that one is out. There is a small proof of it that exists, but admittedly it is nowhere near as cool as the large version. The small version may or may not hang in this show, I’m not sure yet. Her other selection was a very, very old painting of mine. It’s one that I am actually pretty fond of, but like I said, there is a problem. I was young and curious when I did this one, and I found myself near a huge laminating machine. Uh oh. Well, I decided that it would be a good idea if I ran my painting through the laminator. I know, dumb idea. It didn’t “damage” it per say, but y’know… it fucking laminated it! So it has this permanent plastic coating over it which basically sucks. I got the idea to try and recreate it, and after one failed attempt and some coaching from the love of my life, I have it. A pretty damn similar, cool in it’s own right, reproduction of the original painting. Which painting is it? Well, you’ll just have to come to the show and find out. Here’s the info:

SIX.SIX.SIX. Opening Reception
Off The Wall Gallery @ Dirty Franks (13th & Pine, Philadelphia)
Tuesday June, 6. (6.6.06)
5-8 PM
includes a poetry reading; our word art component to most receptions, by CAConrad, beginning at 6:06. There will be light hors d’oeuvres and refreshments for all. The show runs through 8.4.06.

Now, the second event. This thing is called Art For The Cash Poor. The event is sponsored by, which happens to be the site where I first saw Rebecca’s artwork and decided to contact her. Anyway, AFTCP will take place on June 10, from 1-8 PM at the Crane Arts Building (1400 N. American Street)

. Along with affordable art for sale, there will also be food by local vendors and the bands Foxy Contin, Man In Black: The Johnny Cash Tribute, Phil Moore Browne and The Nite Lights will be playing throughout the afternoon and early evening. I’ll have a table set up somewhere along with a ton of other artists, and everything there will be priced under $199. I’ll be sitting out there all friggin’ day, so come support my art.
Or I’ll kill you.

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