Monthly Archives: May 2006

I’m pale, and I print. Finally.

Oh yeah, picnic in the park once again. Man, I love this city.

Another weekend (and a weekday) have gone by with extremely little progress on the DDC record. Late tonight Eric sent me one of the long overdue demos. It was ok. It’s disappointing considering the amount of time it has taken, but it’s better than nothing. I’ve decided on my own that the record should just be a bit shorter, mostly for the sake of getting it out there, and also to keep any half-assed last minute shit off of it.

Anyway, enough of the past. Right now is all about my artwork, and I’ve been printing. A couple have been added to the ‘hurt. Go dig em.

the great divide

What do you see in this picture? I see Josh with a fully extended arm, rocking out on the most physically demanding instrument in a rock band. I see Tom, with both of his tattooed guns blazing, clutching a Gibson Les Paul as he flies through the air in a moment of genuine rock fury.Continue Reading

show some art

As surely as the sun rises in the morning, I am slowly starting to get the visual side of my art back in order. All of a sudden I have all kinds of art-related action going on. And really, all of it is thanks to my dear friend Rebecca. She’s been the rad ass YodaContinue Reading

Happy Mothers Day

Seeds were planted so ealy on;to follow blindly is always wrong. Weakness has turned you into a shell.I’m the fire that burns without you. Hateis your face, your name,promises you made.You are such a waste. Your addictions have beaten you.In no time you will fill a grave. Your borrowed time has all but expired.I’m theContinue Reading

this year has been cancelled

I forget when it was, but some months ago I posted an entry about my goals and plans for this year. Part of it said “Looking back, 2004 was the year that hurt, and 2005 was the year that didn’t do shit. 2005 almost doesn’t even exist. The theme for 2006 must be healing. Healing,Continue Reading