Holy shit. There is seriously a whole gang of good music goin’ on. Part of that list is the sort-of-nearing-completion Dark Disco Club album, but even aside from that, some real good shit. I’ve recently acquired new albums from Zero 7, Peeping Tom, Tool and the greatest of all time; Pearl Jam. The amazing thing is that they are all good!
The newest of those mentioned is the Tool album; “10,000 Days”. I’ve only gotten a chance to listen through it twice so far, but I think I can say it’s better than Lateralus. Yeah, it still has all the idiotic interludes and wastes of aural space that clutter up every Tool album, but somewhere in there are a few cool songs.
Coming soon will be a new Eighteen Visions album (July) and a new one from A Fire Inside (June), which I am incredibly excited about. AFI fans can dig one new song right here, it’s called Miss Murder, and it’s pretty damn cool.

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