Monthly Archives: April 2006

funky animals

Look at the funky animals on my shower curtain. Cute, huh? I haven’t taken a pic like that in a long while, so what the hell. I like documenting the changes in myself and my surroundings as time goes by. It always proves interesting later on. I’m so horribly out of shape right now… ugh. It’s kind of depressing. I’m also just getting old looking in general. Ahhhh fuck it. Am I actually whining about the way I look? Jesus.

Anyway, last night was severely shitty despite the fact that the Flyers won. Have you ever found yourself in a conversation that just makes you wish you would explode into bits right on the spot? Yeah… not cool.

the black album

Metallica’s self-titled album took a year and a half to record, and cost over one million dollars. At the rate we’re going, the new album from Dark Disco Club will take even longer, and just might cost a little more. I reached my peak as far motivation and creativity for this album a while back,Continue Reading


Holy shit. There is seriously a whole gang of good music goin’ on. Part of that list is the sort-of-nearing-completion Dark Disco Club album, but even aside from that, some real good shit. I’ve recently acquired new albums from Zero 7, Peeping Tom, Tool and the greatest of all time; Pearl Jam. The amazing thingContinue Reading

Saint Joseph and the Ultimate Sacrifice

I am a friggin’ Saint. Seriously just call the Pope and hook that shit up. I hate cats. On the list of pets that I would choose to live with, cats are pretty low on the list. Despite this feeling, there is going to be a cat living rent free in this awesome apartment. InContinue Reading

Peep. Peeeper. Peeping Tom.

Tiger. Killer. Hot. Damn. I haven’t posted here in like 8 years. Spring is finally upon us. I added like 50 miles to my scooter today, buzzing all around wacky parts of Philly. I had to come back down to Hell for band rehearsal, but when I got home I received two kickass surprises. KookyContinue Reading