life sucks, i am bad luck, kill me

Let’s run down a partial list:
1. lost $9,000
2. lost $1,000
3. lost $1,000
4. lost $740
5. lost $500
6. lost $80 in Atlantic City (roulette)
7. I was given free passes to see an advance screening of a cool movie. The theater was already full when I got there, so I didn’t get in.
8. fucked up my own hair while cutting it last night
9. lost an awesome in-progress DDC song because my fucked up iMac crashed and corrupted it!

It seems like just about every day I wake up to bad news. The day is full of bad shit happening to me, and I struggle to get to sleep before dawn.

Here’s a few other random things that need to be said. If they apply to you, take notes and don’t make excuses because I know better.
1. Don’t ask for things you don’t really want. Like, don’t talk about how bad you wanna hang out only to not show up. It’s not the end of the world, but it’s lame as hell.
2. Don’t be late. Seriously, if you tell someone a time, be there.
3. Don’t pretend to be motivated or involved. If you say stuff like “hey, when are we gonna (insert thing that you say you want to do)?!”, show up and contribute. Don’t show up late, offer nothing for some barely noticable amount of time, and then split.

Fuckin a.

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